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Covington Rebounds for a Podium at I-30
Dallas in the Rear View, Covington Looks to I-30 t...
Check out the New 2022 MCR Merch

Check out the New 2022 MCR Merch

5/14/2022 -
New T-shirts and Hoodies available now on the website for purchase at or at the track in the trailer. http://www
Covington Rebounds for a Podium at I-30

Covington Rebounds for a Podium at I-30

3/30/2022 -
Matt Covington - Glenpool, OK. (March, 30th 2022) Matt Covington closed out the past weekend with a rebound after a disappointing Friday, ea
Dallas in the Rear View, Covington Looks to I-30 t...

Dallas in the Rear View, Covington Looks to I-30 t...

3/23/2022 -
Matt Covington - Glenpool, OK. (March, 23rd 2022) Matt Covington and team did not start the 2022 season off as hoped with the Lucas Oil ASCS

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6/19/2021 at Grays Harbor Raceway - Elma, WA

ASCS Sprints: ASCS National

Matt Covington

360 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 1038.7713rd
Heat 4Time: 288.7821st

ASCS Sprints

ASCS National

A Feature

25 laps | 00:17:14.976
12Cam SmithMill Creek, WA17
24Garen LinderCentral Point, OR22L
31Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK95
410Blake HahnSapulpa, OK52
58Willie CroftRoseville, CA29
67Greg HamiltonBurlington, WA96
714Colton HeathMarysville, WA33
813J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
99Robbie PriceCobble Hill, BC21P
106Lane TaylorMckenna, WA4L
115Colby ThornhillEnumclaw, WA19
1216Jason SolwoldBurlington, WA18
1317Scott BoguckiMclaren Vale, SA28
1420Tyler ThompsonHarrisburg, OR22X
1519Joel MyersSebastopol, CA56
1612Logan ForlerBoise, ID2L
1715Jared HoodGrants Pass, ORA1
183Lance SargentSpanaway, WA33S
1911Brock LemleyBellingham, WA10L
2018Trey StarksPuyallup, WA55
2121Travis ReberRapid City, SD88
2222Jeff DunlapRenton, WA15
2323Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X

B Feature 1

12 laps | 00:02:56.753
11Scott BoguckiMclaren Vale, SA28
22Joel MyersSebastopol, CA56
33Travis ReberRapid City, SD88
44Chance CrumSnohomish, WA10C
57Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X
66Jay ColeShelton, WA0J
78Tyler DrieverMeridian, ID33T
85Brian BoswellCreswell, OR75
DNS-Bailey SucichGranite Falls, WA14
DNS-Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23
DNS-Eric RocklPuyallup, WA28R

B Feature 2

12 laps | 00:05:28.908
11Trey StarksPuyallup, WA55
22Tyler ThompsonHarrisburg, OR22X
34Jeff DunlapRenton, WA15
47Alex HillSix Nations, ON77X
53Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
66Shawn RiceTacoma, WA76
79Chris BullockArlington, WA17C
810Malachi GemmerLakewood, WA99
911Jesse SchlotfeldtArlington, WA21
DNS-T.J. RichmanDeer Island, OR34
DNS-Steven SnawderRoseburg, OR12

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:04:54.931
12Garen LinderCentral Point, OR22L
24Greg HamiltonBurlington, WA96
33Scott BoguckiMclaren Vale, SA28
47Brock LemleyBellingham, WA10L
59Logan ForlerBoise, ID2L
61Shawn RiceTacoma, WA76
78Chance CrumSnohomish, WA10C
85Tyler DrieverMeridian, ID33T
910Alex HillSix Nations, ON77X
10 (DNF)6Jesse SchlotfeldtArlington, WA21

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:14:59.111
11Willie CroftRoseville, CA29
24Colby ThornhillEnumclaw, WA19
37Lance SargentSpanaway, WA33S
46J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
58Jared HoodGrants Pass, ORA1
63Brian BoswellCreswell, OR75
79T.J. RichmanDeer Island, OR34
8 (DNF)5Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23
9 (DNF)2Eric RocklPuyallup, WA28R
10 (DNF)10Malachi GemmerLakewood, WA99

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:01:56.759
11Robbie PriceCobble Hill, BC21P
24Lane TaylorMckenna, WA4L
32Trey StarksPuyallup, WA55
46Colton HeathMarysville, WA33
58Jason SolwoldBurlington, WA18
65Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
77Jay ColeShelton, WA0J
89Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X
93Chris BullockArlington, WA17C

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:04:48.780
12Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK95
23Blake HahnSapulpa, OK52
37Cam SmithMill Creek, WA17
44Tyler ThompsonHarrisburg, OR22X
51Travis ReberRapid City, SD88
69Joel MyersSebastopol, CA56
78Jeff DunlapRenton, WA15
85Steven SnawderRoseburg, OR12
9 (DNF)6Bailey SucichGranite Falls, WA14

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