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Covington Rebounds for a Podium at I-30
Dallas in the Rear View, Covington Looks to I-30 t...
Check out the New 2022 MCR Merch

Check out the New 2022 MCR Merch

5/14/2022 -
New T-shirts and Hoodies available now on the website for purchase at or at the track in the trailer. http://www
Covington Rebounds for a Podium at I-30

Covington Rebounds for a Podium at I-30

3/30/2022 -
Matt Covington - Glenpool, OK. (March, 30th 2022) Matt Covington closed out the past weekend with a rebound after a disappointing Friday, ea
Dallas in the Rear View, Covington Looks to I-30 t...

Dallas in the Rear View, Covington Looks to I-30 t...

3/23/2022 -
Matt Covington - Glenpool, OK. (March, 23rd 2022) Matt Covington and team did not start the 2022 season off as hoped with the Lucas Oil ASCS

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3/20/2021 at Devil's Bowl Speedway - Mesquite, TX

ASCS Sprints: ASCS National with ASCS Lone Star Region

Matt Covington

360 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 890.03624th
Heat 2Time: 244.71121st
Heat 7Time: 163.07163rd

ASCS Sprints

ASCS Lone Star Region with ASCS National

A Feature

25 laps | 00:14:45.145
16J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
21Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X
34Roger CrockettBroken Arrow, OK11
42Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK95
511Scott BoguckiMclaren Vale, SA28
63Chase RandallWaco, TX9
713Blake HahnSapulpa, OK52
817Jake BubakArvada, CO74B
910Danny JenningsNorman, OK1J
108Garet WilliamsonColumbia, MO24
119Noah GassMounds, OK20G
1219Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23
1318Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
1415Kade MortonCoweta, OK8M
157Colby ThornhillEnumclaw, WA19
165Devon BordenRaymond, WA8
1716Tucker DoughtySunnyvale, TX2X
1821Casey BurkhamCombine, TX45B
1922Steven ShebesterMustang, OK22X
20 (DNF)20Martin EdwardsForney, TX45
21 (DNF)14Tony Bruce JrLiberal, KS12H
22 (DNF)23Travis ReberRapid City, SD88
23 (DNF)12Eric BaldacciniKeller, TX0

B Feature 1

15 laps | 00:10:26
11Jake BubakArvada, CO74B
22Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
38Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23
44Martin EdwardsForney, TX45
53Casey BurkhamCombine, TX45B
67Steven ShebesterMustang, OK22X
75Chance MortonCoweta, OK7M
814Damon McCuneShepherd, MT77
912Casey CarterRed Oak, TX33C
1010Chris TarrantRockwall, TX72
119Blake MalloryJoshua, TX6M
1211Dylan OpdahlMadison, SD2
136Alex HillSix Nations, ON77X
1413Travis ReberRapid City, SD88
15 (DNF)15Zach PringleBenton, AR91
DNS-John Carney IIEl Paso, TX12
DNS-Justin ZimmermanAthens, TX#1
DNS-Sammy SwindellGermantown, TN72S
DNS-Joe Wood JrNewcastle, OK03

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:08:20
11Martin EdwardsForney, TX45
22Garet WilliamsonColumbia, MO24
39Scott BoguckiMclaren Vale, SA28
48Blake HahnSapulpa, OK52
57Blake MalloryJoshua, TX6M
66Alex HillSix Nations, ON77X
74Casey CarterRed Oak, TX33C
8 (DNF)5Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23
9 (DNF)3John Carney IIEl Paso, TX12

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:04:04
12Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK95
24Roger CrockettBroken Arrow, OK11
31Kade MortonCoweta, OK8M
48Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X
59Tucker DoughtySunnyvale, TX2X
65Jake BubakArvada, CO74B
7 (DNF)3Justin ZimmermanAthens, TX#1
8 (DNF)7Sammy SwindellGermantown, TN72S
9 (DNF)6Zach PringleBenton, AR91

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:02:14
11Chance MortonCoweta, OK7M
23Noah GassMounds, OK20G
32Colby ThornhillEnumclaw, WA19
44Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
57Danny JenningsNorman, OK1J
69Eric BaldacciniKeller, TX0
76Chris TarrantRockwall, TX72
85Damon McCuneShepherd, MT77
98Dylan OpdahlMadison, SD2

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:02:12
11Chase RandallWaco, TX9
25Devon BordenRaymond, WA8
34J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
43Casey BurkhamCombine, TX45B
56Steven ShebesterMustang, OK22X
68Tony Bruce JrLiberal, KS12H
72Travis ReberRapid City, SD88
8 (DNF)7Joe Wood JrNewcastle, OK03

Qualifier 1

8 laps | 00:02:30
12J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA63
24Chase RandallWaco, TX9
35Roger CrockettBroken Arrow, OK11
43Noah GassMounds, OK20G
58Tony Bruce JrLiberal, KS12H
67Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
76Scott BoguckiMclaren Vale, SA28
89Chris TarrantRockwall, TX72
91Blake MalloryJoshua, TX6M
1010Damon McCuneShepherd, MT77

Qualifier 2

8 laps | 00:03:00
12Colby ThornhillEnumclaw, WA19
21Danny JenningsNorman, OK1J
33Garet WilliamsonColumbia, MO24
46Devon BordenRaymond, WA8
54Blake HahnSapulpa, OK52
67Casey BurkhamCombine, TX45B
78Alex HillSix Nations, ON77X
85Martin EdwardsForney, TX45
910Dylan OpdahlMadison, SD2
109Casey CarterRed Oak, TX33C

Qualifier 3

8 laps | 00:02:37
14Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X
21Eric BaldacciniKeller, TX0
36Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK95
42Kade MortonCoweta, OK8M
58Jake BubakArvada, CO74B
63Tucker DoughtySunnyvale, TX2X
710Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA23
87Steven ShebesterMustang, OK22X
95Chance MortonCoweta, OK7M
109Travis ReberRapid City, SD88

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